April 1, 1999
DO 1-512-98


Brookhaven Lab Honors Five Employees With Awards For Outstanding Performance

Each year, the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory recognizes up to five employees for their outstanding work supporting the Laboratory's scientific mission. Here, Laboratory Director John Marburger (third from left), congratulates the five employees who won the 1998 Brookhaven Award of $2,000 and an engraved memento. The Brookhaven Award winners are: (from left) Robert Howe, for his outstanding management of groundwater cleanup activities at the Laboratory, working under the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund Program; Keith Lewin, for his significant contributions to a study of ecosystems, such as forests or meadows, to determine how they will be affected by levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide similar to those expected in the middle of the next century; Neil Schaknowski, for his consistently excellent performance in designing and fabricating high-resolution neutron detectors for use in research; Edward Byrne, for his dedication and professionalism during his 35-year administrative career at Brookhaven, and for skillfully fulfilling his current duties as the deputy budget officer for the Laboratory; and Mark Toscano, for his professional engineering management of Brookhaven's energy use and systems, which has saved the Laboratory millions of dollars per year without any negative impact on research programs.


* * *

Robert Howe is a resident of Mount Sinai, NY; Keith Lewin is a resident of Calverton, NY; Neil Schaknowski is a resident of Wading River, NY; Edward Byrne is a resident of Port Jefferson Station, NY; and Mark Toscano resides in Smithtown, NY.