June 23, 1999


Brookhaven Lab's Head of Life Sciences Wins Award
From the Society of Nuclear Medicine


UPTON, NY - Nora Volkow, Associate Director for Life Sciences at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, was honored with the Society of Nuclear Medicine's Kuhl-Lassen award, which is named for two pioneers of research in the field. At the society's annual meeting in Los Angeles, Dr. Volkow received a plaque to acknowledge her significant contributions to research on the brain, using an imaging technique called positron emission tomography. Dr. Volkow investigates the biochemical changes in the brain associated with drug addiction, alcoholism and aging. Currently, her studies are focused on finding an effective pharmacological treatment of addiction and could aid in finding avenues for delaying and counteracting the deleterious effects of aging.

A board-certified psychiatrist and a world-leader in research on addiction, Dr. Volkow performed groundbreaking research on the toxic effects of cocaine on the brain at the University of Texas Medical School in 1984-87. She joined Brookhaven's staff as an associate scientist to continue this research in 1987. She became associate chief of staff of Brookhaven's Clinical Research Center in 1990, was appointed director of the Nuclear Medicine Program in 1994, and, in 1996, she became chair of the Laboratory's Medical Department. She assumed her current position in April 1999. Since 1987, Dr. Volkow has been on the staff of the Department of Psychiatry, State University of New York at Stony Brook.


NOTE TO LOCAL EDITORS: Nora Volkow lives in Shoreham, NY.

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