March 17, 2000
CN 10-927-99

Brookhaven Lab Employees Help Boy Scouts
Earn Atomic Energy Merit Badges


UPTON, NY - Over 20 employees from the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory volunteered to help Suffolk County Boy Scouts earn 173 Atomic Energy Merit Badges during two intensive sessions at the Laboratory. The Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Program offers opportunities for youth to explore more than 100 fields of skill and knowledge. In qualifying for the Atomic Energy Merit Badge, scouts learn about radiation, important for future studies in physics, chemistry and medicine.

Using radiation sources such as a glazed dish, a smoke detector, a lantern, and beach sand, which contain no more radiation than that found in the home or natural surroundings, Buzz Rundlett (seated, far right), a health physicist at Brookhaven Lab, shows Boy Scouts how the counts per minute change as a radiation source gets closer to a Geiger counter.

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