June 26, 2001

Statement from Laboratory Director John Marburger 

Yesterday, President Bush announced his intention to nominate me to the position of Assistant to the President for Science and Technology Policy. I would be delighted to be nominated for this position, which traditionally includes the Directorship of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, a post that requires Senate confirmation. In the event that the results of the various necessary clearance investigations make it possible for a nomination to proceed, the Senate would be notified to begin the confirmation process. Because of the August Senate recess, I expect confirmation hearings would not begin until September. This leaves time for an orderly transition of leadership at the Laboratory.

When I suspected that events might require a search for a new Lab Director at Brookhaven, I asked Peter Paul to change his plan to return to Stony Brook University in the fall. Then I interrupted the search for Peter's successor as Deputy Director for Science and Technology (which had not proceeded very far at that point). Peter has agreed to remain as Deputy for as long as necessary to provide continuity during the transition. The Board of Directors of Brookhaven Science Associates will include issues related to the transition at its regular meeting this coming Friday. I am grateful to Peter for his willingness to accommodate this unexpected turn of events. His high standards for science, and his unrelenting energy in pursuing them, have had a profound and positive impact on the Laboratory.

As eager as I am to learn the opinions of my colleagues in science, and to discuss my ideas of what might be done from the position for which I am being considered, I must respect the integrity of the confirmation process. This will require me to limit my contacts with media, with members of Congress, and others so as in no way to presume that confirmation is a foregone conclusion. I ask your patience as this process moves ahead. If I am nominated, and if the Senate confirms my appointment, then there will be plenty of time to do our work together.

During the brief hours since the President's announcement, many people have sent their congratulations and advice. Thank you very much for your confidence and support.

John Marburger 
June 26, 2001

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