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Building 134
P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000
phone 631 344-2345
fax 631 344-3368

managed for the U.S. Department of Energy
by Brookhaven Science Associates, a company
founded by Stony Brook University and Battelle

News Release

Number: 03-48
Released: June 10, 2003
Contact: Diane Greenberg, 631 344-2347 or Mona S. Rowe, 631 344-5056

James Tarpinian Named Brookhaven Lab’s Assistant Director for Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

UPTON, NY - James Tarpinian was named the Assistant Director for Environment, Safety, Health & Quality (ESH&Q) at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, effective April 7.

With 175 employees and a budget of $20 million, the ESH&Q Directorate is responsible for environmental protection, occupational safety and health, and quality services at the Laboratory site. The Directorate responsibilities include developing and implementing programs to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations that protect Laboratory employees, the public, and the environment. The Directorate includes the Environmental & Waste Management Services Division, the Radiological Control Division, and the Safety and Health Services Division.

In addition, the ESH&Q Directorate is responsible for many of the Laboratory’s management and oversight systems. Those systems include the Independent Oversight Office, which verifies the effectiveness of the Lab’s self-assessment programs; the performance-based management/integrated assessment system that Brookhaven Science Associates implements for managing the entire Laboratory; the Quality Programs and Services Office, which ensures that the Lab plans and performs operations in a reliable and effective manner; and the Training and Qualifications Program Office, which establishes standards for coordinating and delivering training to employees and others.

“I am still learning about the Laboratory, and my goal is to determine how we can strengthen the Brookhaven culture so that every employee embraces safety and

environmental stewardship as personal values,” Tarpinian said. “The idea of doing the right thing — taking the safe path rather than a shortcut that might endanger health, safety, or the environment — should be more than a priority, but an intrinsic part of who we are.”

Tarpinian received a B.A. in biology from the University of Connecticut at Storrs in 1975 and an M.S. in radiological sciences and protection from the University of Lowell, in Massachusetts, in 1980. In that year, he joined Bechtel Power Corporation as supervisor of decontamination and radioactive waste engineering. Tarpinian worked his way through the ranks of Bechtel, one of the world’s largest engineering-construction firms, to become manager of safety and health for the Hanford restoration contractor, Bechtel, Hanford, Inc. Currently the site of the world’s largest environmental cleanup project, Hanford, located in Washington State and managed by the U.S. Department of Energy, played an important role in the nation’s nuclear defense, beginning with the Manhattan Project in the 1940s.

A health physicist certified by the American Board of Health Physics, Tarpinian is also a Fellow of the Health Physics Society (HPS). He was Director of the HPS from 1995 to 1998, and he had received the Elda E. Anderson Award from the Society in 1991. Currently a member of the American Academy of Health Physics, Tarpinian is also a former president (2002) and former director (1997-1999) of the Academy.

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