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12.8.2010NASA Response to PETA News Release
6.1.2009Students Join Brookhaven Lab's NASA Space Radiation Summer School
5.23.2008Brookhaven Lab's NASA Summer School Students Explore How to Protect Against Health Risks in Space Travel
3.20.2008New Method Offers Insight into Radiation Damage to DNA
12.12.2007Space Travel and Cancer Linked? Stony Brook Researcher Secures NASA Grant to Study Effects of Space Radiation
6.14.2007Brookhaven Lab's NASA Summer School Helps Create Pipeline of Space Scientists
10.20.2006Talk on Effects of Space Radiation and Exploring the Moon at Huntington Public Library, 11/14
8.24.2006One-Two Particle Punch Poses Greater Risk for Astronauts
6.14.2006Students Explore Safety of Space Travel at Brookhaven Lab
2.1.2006New Study Questions the Effects of Cosmic Proton Radiation on Human Cells
6.10.2005Brookhaven Lab Trains Future Space Scientists for Second Year