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2003 News Releases

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December 30, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Added Over $22 Million to Long Island Economy in 2003
December 22, 2003   Findings From Brookhaven’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) to be Presented at Quark Matter 2004 Conference in California
December 16, 2003   Brookhaven Lab’s Holiday Auction Raises Over $11,000 for United Way of LI
December 16, 2003   New Low-Temperature Process Produces “Pure” Hydrogen
December 3, 2003   Holiday Auction at Brookhaven Lab to Benefit United Way of Long Island
December 1, 2003   Women in Science High School Career Day Held at Brookhaven Lab
November 25, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Joins Johns Hopkins University to Help Middle School Students Explore Biotechnology & Bioengineering
November 24, 2003   Congressman Israel Hosts Homeland Security Technology Showcase At Brookhaven National Lab
November 18, 2003   Brookhaven Lab’s Thomas Kirk Elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
November 14, 2003   Concert at Brookhaven Lab to Benefit United Way of Long Island, December 6
November 13, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Demonstrates Participation in Worldwide Computing Efforts at SC2003
November 13, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Releases 2002 Environmental Report
November 13, 2003   Thomas Schlagel Named Director of Brookhaven Lab’s Information Technology Division
November 12, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Scientist Helps Create a New Form of the Element Carbon
November 6, 2003   DOE Media Advisory: Secretary of Energy Abraham to be Press Club Newsmaker Luncheon Speaker
November 6, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Scientist Stephen Schwartz Wins 2003 Haagen-Smith Award For Outstanding Paper Published in Atmospheric Environment
November 5, 2003   Unique Molecular Structure Offers Insight Into Nanoscale Self-Assembly, Solution Chemistry
October 24, 2003   Tsung-Dao Lee, Director Emeritus of RIKEN-BNL Research Center at Brookhaven Lab, Appointed as Member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences
October 21, 2003   Students Learn About NASA & View New Mars Exhibit at Brookhaven Lab
October 16, 2003   National Science Foundation Awards $11.5 Million Grant to Hofstra University to Improve Long Island Middle School Achievement in Mathematics. BNL is Partner in Project.
October 15, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Physicist Wins 2003 Free Electron Laser Prize
October 14, 2003   NASA and DOE Dedicate New NASA Facility at Brookhaven Lab
October 9, 2003   Media Advisory: New NASA Facility Opens at DOE's Brookhaven Lab
October 8, 2003   2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to Researcher Roderick MacKinnon
October 7, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Develops ‘ThraxVac’ to Clean Up Anthrax
October 3, 2003   Statement on Theft of Copper At Brookhaven National Laboratory
September 30, 2003   LHC Computing Grid Goes Online
September 22, 2003   DOE Seeks Public Comment on Peconic River Cleanup
September 22, 2003   Results From First Clinical Trial Using GVG to Treat Addiction
September 16, 2003   Astronaut and Chief NASA Scientist John Grunsfeld to Give Talk at Brookhaven Lab on Space Research and the Hubble Space Telescope, October 14
September 16, 2003   Fabricating 2D Molecular Gradients with a Simple Mechanical Device
September 11, 2003   Coal-Eating Bacteria May Improve Methane Recovery
September 11, 2003   Using Ions to Probe Ionic Liquids
September 10, 2003   Yvette Malavet-Blum Stars in ‘Latin Rhythms’ at Brookhaven Lab, October 3
September 9, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Physicists Edward Beebe and Alexander Pikin Win ‘Brightness Award’ for Achievement in Ion Source Physics & Technology
September 9, 2003   Designing a Better Catalyst for “Artificial Photosynthesis”
September 8, 2003   Reverse Reaction Helps Isolate Important Intermediate
September 8, 2003   Nanoscale Model Catalyst Paves Way Toward Atomic-Level Understanding
September 8, 2003   Imaging Study Reveals Effect of Smoking on Peripheral Organs
September 8, 2003   Brookhaven Researchers Develop Counterterror Technologies
September 4, 2003   ‘Encuentro Flamenco’ Concert to be Held at Brookhaven Lab, Oct. 12
August 27, 2003   Lecture Series on ‘Nanoscience: Status and Prospects’ to be Held at Brookhaven Lab, September 22 & 23
August 22, 2003   Charles W. Schaefer Named Manager of Brookhaven Lab’s Radiological Control Division
August 21, 2003   Joseph P. Indusi Elected Fellow of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management
August 14, 2003   Data-Taking Begins at MINOS Neutrino Detector, Half A Mile Underground
August 13, 2003   Argentine Pianist to Give Concert at Brookhaven Lab, Sept. 17
July 31, 2003   Shirley Kendall Named Brookhaven Lab’s Diversity Manager
July 30, 2003   Scientists Develop Recyclable Catalyst for Solvent-Free Reactions
July 17, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Installs Bulk Motor Oil Tanks
July 14, 2003   Steven Dierker Named Associate Laboratory Director for Brookhaven Lab’s New Light Sources Directorate
July 8, 2003   Hayden Planetarium Director Neil deGrasse Tyson to Give a Colloquium on ‘Destiny in Space?’ at Brookhaven Lab, July 15
July 1, 2003   Robert Hwang Named Director of Brookhaven Lab’s New Center for Functional Nanomaterials
June 26, 2003   Battelle and Brookhaven Lab Provide Funds and Hands-on Help to William Floyd School District for its Participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition
June 25, 2003   Student Researcher Selected to Meet Nobel Laureates
June 24, 2003   Blues Concert at Brookhaven Lab Features Sam Taylor and Wolfe, July 25
June 11, 2003   Latest RHIC Results to be Presented at Brookhaven
June 11, 2003   Exciting First Results from Deuteron-Gold Collisions at Brookhaven
June 10, 2003   James Tarpinian Named Brookhaven Lab’s Assistant Director for Environment, Safety, Health & Quality
June 6, 2003   Summer Sunday Tours at Brookhaven Lab, July 13 – August 24
June 4, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Physicist Robert A. Bari Wins 2003 American Nuclear Society “Tommy” Thompson Award
May 30, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Receives Family-Friendly Employer Award
May 28, 2003   Scientists Demonstrate New Way to Control Chemical Reactions
May 28, 2003   Brookhaven Lab and Argonne Lab Scientists Invent a Plasma Valve
May 27, 2003   Brookhaven Lab and Battelle Collaborate on Biological Research That May Lead to Novel Anti-microbial Drugs
May 27, 2003   Two Stony Brook University Students Awarded 2003 Scharff-Goldhaber Prize
May 23, 2003   Four Students Awarded 2003 Battelle-Brookhaven Women in Science Awards
May 22, 2003   Student Winners in Brookhaven Lab’s Science Fair
May 14, 2003   Oliver Sacks to Speak on “Creativity and the Brain” at Brookhaven Lab, June 4
May 14, 2003   National Synchrotron Light Source Users’ Meeting at Brookhaven Lab, May 19-21
May 14, 2003   Brookhaven Lab’s Praveen Chaudhari and Joanna Fowler Elected as Members of the National Academy of Sciences
May 13, 2003   Scientists Image Soft Tissues With New X-Ray Technique
May 9, 2003   Statement on IG Report on Emergency Medical Coordination
May 6, 2003   Brookhaven Lab and National Renewable Energy Laboratory Team Jointly Win Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer
May 6, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Physicist William Willis Wins the 2003 W.K.H. Panofsky Prize
May 5, 2003   2003 Elementary School Science Fair at Brookhaven Lab, May 10
April 30, 2003   MacKinnon lab’s newest picture tells action potential story
April 29, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Scientists Win 2003 Arthur H. Compton Award
April 28, 2003   Jill Clough-Johnston Named Brookhaven Lab’s Small Business Liaison Officer
April 23, 2003   Middle School Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Contest To be Held at Brookhaven Lab, April 30
April 22, 2003   Alex Harris Named Chair of Brookhaven Lab’s Chemistry Department
April 10, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Scientists Named Fellows of the American Physical Society
April 4, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Hosts Science Students From Historically Black Colleges & Universities
March 21, 2003   Brookhaven Spotlights: News From the March 2003 American Chemical Society Meeting
March 21, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Hosts Earth Day Run, April 19
March 21, 2003   Brookhaven Town Honors Brookhaven Lab Chemist
March 20, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Hosts Science Competition for Students From Historically Black Colleges & Universities
March 20, 2003   Gold “Nanoplugs” Wire Up Enzymes
March 18, 2003   George Goode Named Manager of Brookhaven Lab’s Environmental & Waste Management Services Division
March 13, 2003   Brookhaven Lab and Stony Brook U. Open New Environmental Center
March 12, 2003   Patchogue-Medford Student Wins Brookhaven Lab’s Bridge Contest
March 3, 2003   Model Bridge Contest to be Held at Brookhaven Lab, March 8
February 26, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Physicist Pavel Rehak Elected Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
February 24, 2003   Media Advisory: DOE Nanoscale Science Research Centers Workshop
February 12, 2003   Women in Science High School Career Day Held at Brookhaven Lab
February 11, 2003   Chamber Choir from Russia in Concert at Brookhaven Lab, March 5
February 10, 2003   WNBC News Anchor Maurice DuBois at Brookhaven Lab to Give a Talk in Honor of Black History Month, February 21
February 5, 2003   Great Neck South High School Wins Science Bowl at Brookhaven Lab
February 5, 2003   Brookhaven Lab Scientist Stephen Schwartz Elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
January 31, 2003   “Kerry Kearney Band and the Gathering of the Slides” at Brookhaven Lab, Mar. 1
January 30, 2003   Dr. Praveen Chaudhari Named Director Of Brookhaven National Laboratory
January 24, 2003   Researchers explore unusual properties of low-resistance “nanowire” systems
January 21, 2003   CERN Receives First U.S.-built Component for Large Hadron Collider
January 21, 2003   Songwriters Series at Brookhaven Lab Features Long Island Talent, Feb. 15
January 21, 2003   Science Bowl at Brookhaven Lab, Feb. 1
January 17, 2003   Scientists Develop Technique to Determine Molecular Structure of Heterogeneous Surfaces
January 17, 2003   Gospel Extravaganza at Brookhaven Lab, February 8
January 16, 2003   Scientist-Author Carl Safina to Speak at Brookhaven Lab on “History and Destiny of World Fisheries,” February 20
January 15, 2003   Brookhaven Scientists Describe New Statistical Approach to Predicting Raindrop Formation (Informational Posting)
January 14, 2003   Brookhaven Women in Science Offers Scholarship for Women Science Students
January 13, 2003   RHIC Resumes Operation With First Deuteron-Gold Collisions
January 10, 2003   Long Island Weather of 2002 — Mild and Warm, No Hurricanes, Light Snowfall
January 3, 2003   New Insights Into Superconducting Copper-Oxide Compounds (Informational Posting)