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1996-12-23 BNL Launches Anniversary Celebration With Talk by Nobel Laureate, January 23

1996-12-20 Discover Magazine Taps Two BNL Discoveries for Top 100 of '96

1996-12-19 BNL Spotlights, December 1996

1996-12-19a BNL Physicist Wins Presidential Award

1996-12-13 BNL Spent Almost $29 Million on Long Island in 1996


1996-11-21 'Classical Cabaret' to be held at Brookhaven Lab Dec. 8

1996-11-20 Brookhaven Research Reveals Chaos in the Layers

1996-11-18b Brookhaven Lab Employee Wins "Outstanding Woman Scientists" Award

1996-11-18a Construction Begins on Upgrade of BNL's Sewage Treatment Plant

1996-11-12 Popular Science Honors Brookhaven Inventions


1996-10-23 BNL Scientist Receives Greenman Award

1996-10-14 BNL Named Drug Addiction Study Center - To be funded by White House Drug Policy Office, NIH Drug Institute and DOE

1996-10-09 Tiny Ocean Plants Need a Balanced Diet - BNL Researchers publish findings on undernourished greenhouse-gas absorbers

1996-10-04 Ted Daniels Is Named Head of BNL's Computing & Communications Division

1996-10-01 Small Business Conference at BNL, October 29


1996-09-27BNL Announces 1996-1997 Concert Series

1996-09-11 BNL to Host Pine Barrens Conference, October 4

1996-09-10a East Patchogue Woman Wins $2,000 Scholarship from BNL

1996-09-10 Oct. 1 Lecture: Infectious Proteins May Cause Mad Cow Disease


1996-08-23 Talk On BNL's Radiological Releases, September 18

1996-08-22 BNL Spotlights: August, 1996

1996-08-08a Instrumental Music of India Featured at Brookhaven Lab Concert, August 17

1996-08-08 Brookhaven Lab Wins R&D 100 Award for the "Plasma Window" - A Novel Device With Industrial and Scientific Uses


1996-07-25 Lecture at Brookhaven Lab by NASA Engineer on "The Hubble Space Telescope: Optics and New Science," Aug. 21

1996-07-12 Smog Over the Big Apple Area
Brookhaven Lab scientists fly over New York metro region to assess ozone pollution


1996-06-20 Nora Volkow Named Medical Department Chair at BNL

1996-06-14 Free Summer Sunday Tours Of BNL Start July 14
Special emphasis on environment added
Tours every Sunday until August 25

1996-06-03 BNL Wins Award to Continue Operating International Protein Data Bank


1996-05-24a BNL Spotlights: May, 1996

1996-05-24 BNL Scientist Issues Warning On Atmospheric Uncertainties -- Is greenhouse effect offset by tiny air pollution particles?

1996-05-13 Brookhaven Lab Features Lecture Series By Sir John Maddox on "Science in the 21st Century," June 11, 12 and 13

1996-05-09 Gorman-Metz Scholarship Fund for Students With Disabilities Established at Brookhaven Lab

1996-05-09a Brookhaven Lab Starts Second Round of Clinical Trials for Brain Tumors -- Research in collaboration with University Medical Center at Stony Brook

1996-05-01 Brookhaven-Rensselaer Partnership Supports "Fast-Track" NY-NJ Harbor Sediment Decontamination Project


1996-04-15 BNL Biologists Unravel Secrets of Key Virus Protein
Could help research into treatments for everything from AIDS to colds

1996-04-04 BNL Research Reactor Uncovers a New Compound's Surprising (and Useful) Properties


1996-03-11 Brookhaven Town Honors Brookhaven Lab Scientist


1996-02-23 Victor Gutierrez Named Manager of Brookhaven Lab's Quality Management Office

1996-02-21 Why Do People Smoke? Research at Brookhaven Lab Looks Beyond Nicotine

1996-02-14 BNL Spotlights - February


1996-01-22 New Phone System Brings Change in Brookhaven Lab Contact Numbers

1996-01-18 Weather of '95 -- Warm, Dry Year, Almost No Snow

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