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1997-12-24 BNL Spent Almost $33 Million on Long Island in 1997

1997-12-22 DOE Press Release Energy Department Cites Associated Universities for Safety Violations
BNL Statement: Statement by Peter Bond, BNL Interim Director, On Safety Violations Cited by Department of Energy

1997-12-18 BNL Begins Pumping Water Out of Reactor Pool
Action Will Stop Tritium Leak

1997-12-18 BNL Opens $13M, Environment-Protecting Waste Management Facility

1997-12-17 Caption: BNL's Sewage Treatment Plant Upgraded

1997-12-16 BNL Reports on Second Phase of Sitewide Facilities Review

1997-12-16 Media Advisory: Dec. 18 Opening of Environment-Protecting Waste Management Facility

1997-12-15 Caption: Holiday Meal for Seniors to be Prepared at BNL by Red Cross

1997-12-15 BNL To Bury Two Time Capsules, December 16

1997-12-10 W.R. Grace - BNL Release Grace and BNL Develop First Product to Chemically Eliminate Asbestos in Installed Fireproofing
-- Product Destroys Asbestos While Maintaining
Original Materials' Fire-resistive Capabilities on Columns and Beams--
-- Product Should Provide Significant Cost Savings to Building Owners--
Statement by U.S. Secretary of Energy Federico Peña

1997-12-09 Diversity "Leaves" Off Where Similarity Begins
Discovery Important for Global Climate Change Studies

1997-12-08 BNL Scientists Cheer Signing of U.S.-Europe Agreement on New Collider

1997-12-03 Scientists Study How Light Activates St. John's Wort Chemical Known to be Toxic to Viruses, Cancer

1997-12-01 BNL Sensor Used in NYC Emergency Drill
Sensor Identified Chemical From 15 Feet Away in Eight Minutes


1997-11-25 DOE Press Release
Energy Department Announces New Contractor
to Improve Management of Brookhaven Lab
Procurement Selection Made in Record Time

Statement by U.S. Secretary of Energy Federico Peña

Introducing Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) -- new management contractor
for BNL

Webcast Video of Press Conference (Requires RealAudio Player)

1997-11-20 DOE Press Release Energy Department Begins Formal Environmental Review of Brookhaven Reactor
Notice of Intent for Environmental Impact Statement

1997-11-19 DOE Independent Oversight Followup Review: Status ofTritium Plume Recovery Activities at BNL (report in PDF format)

1997-11-19 Stony Brook Opera Ensemble to Perform at BNL on Dec. 11

1997-11-18 BNL-DOE Press Release
BNL Cleans Up Remnants of 1977 On-Site Oil Spill

1997-11-18 Science Comes Alive in 3-D With BNL Visualization Technique
Interactive Exhibit at Supercomputer '97 Conference

1997-11-13 House Science Committee Press Release
Committee Receives GAO Report on Brookhaven (report in PDF format)

1997-11-13 DOE Media Advisory
November 20 Workshop on Potential Community Advisory Council for BNL

1997-11-06 Massive Physics Apparatus Arrives at BNL
Six-ton "Heart" for Experiment at New Atom Smasher

1997-11-05 BNL Contract Process: Message to BNL Employees from Dean Helms and
Letter from Secretary of Energy Federico Peña to Congress

1997-11-05 Signs of Life in Mars Meteorite?
BNL X-Rays Help Scientist Find Out (photo & caption)

1997-11-03 BNL Converts to Gas Heat But Retains Ability to Heat with Oil


1997-10-30 New Imaging Method Could Vastly Improve Breast Cancer Detection
BNL Scientists, X-ray Facility Aid in Development

1997-10-30 Brookhaven Biochemist Receives Presidential Award

1997-10-30 Media Advisory: Massive Physics Apparatus to Arrive on LI Via Cargo Plane Nov. 6

1997-10-30 Brookhaven Spotlights

1997-10-23 Update on Environmental Cleanup Activities
Brookhaven Lab Reports on Corrective Actions

1997-10-22 Media Advisory: BNL to Host 2nd Annual Pine Barrens Research Forum, October 30-31

1997-10-16 ATSDR Announces Public Comment Period for the BNL Site Health Consultation

1997-10-15 Cello-Piano Duo to Perform at Brookhaven Lab, Nov. 6

1997-10-06 Status of Environmental Management Activities


1997-09-22 Rarest Particle Decay Seen at BNL

1997-09-22 New U.S.-Japanese Physics Center Opens at BNL

1997-09-19 Pianist Kathleen Boyd to Perform at BNL Oct. 7

1997-09-18 Media Advisory: Opening of Joint Japan-U.S. Physics Center at BNL Sept. 22

1997-09-10 Environmental Management Update at BNL

1997-09-04 BNL's New Degreasing Facility Helps Prevent Pollution

1997-09-01 Evidence of New Particle Seen at BNL Accelerator


1997-08-29 BNL Develops High-Performance Cement

1997-08-21 BNL Wins R&D 100 Award for a Novel Detector: The Fluorescence Omnilyzer

1997-08-19 Construction Incident August 15 at BNL: No Worker Exposure, No Environmental Release Seen

1997-08-18 BNL Announces 1997-1998 Concert Series

1997-08-15 50th Anniversary Lecture at BNL on "Alfred Nobel's Will" Sept. 16

1997-08-15 BNL Honored for Environmental Research

1997-08-08 50th Anniversary Lecture: Nobel Laureate to Discuss Theories of Brain Function September 2 at BNL

1997-08-08 Visit BNL's High Flux Beam Reactor on Aug. 24


1997-07-29 BNL Reports Unexpected Tritium Levels at its Sewage Treatment Plant

1997-07-29 August 14 Public Information Session on Process to Decide the Future of BNL Reactor

1997-07-29 Sayville Woman Wins $2,000 Scholarship from BNL

1997-07-28 Raphael Trio to perform at BNL Aug. 26

1997-07-17 BNL Spotlights
Devising a Quiet Jackhammer Using a Chinese Herb to Treat Alzheimer's Disease
Changing Materials From Insulators to Conductors Better Batteries, Better Cars

1997-07-15 Statement by Peter Bond, Interim BNL Director, on Preliminary Findings of EPA Audit

1997-07-15 DOE News Release EPA Takes Look at BNL; DOE Issues Action Plan

1997-07-15 BNL Begins Operating Groundwater Cleanup System To Treat Volatile Organic Chemicals

1997-07-09 BNL Tests Help Mars Rover Stand Up to Space Radiation

1997-07-01 AUI News Release: AUI Board Names Peter Bond New Interim Director of BNL


1997-06-27 BNL Recognized for Support of Disabled

1997-06-25 Media Advisory: July 7 Kickoff at BNL for NY Math, Science & Technology Teaching Initiative

1997-06-25 Media Advisory: July 1 Information Session at BNL
"Cleanup and World-Class Science: A Vision for BNL's Future"

1997-06-20 Contractor Construction Worker Killed
in Accident on BNL Site
Statement by Dean Helms, Deputy Executive Manager, DOE Brookhaven Group

Statement by Federico Peña, Secretary of Energy

1997-06-19 BNL Issues 1995 Environmental Report

1997-06-19 BNL Brain Tumor Therapy Moves to Next Phase of Clinical Trial

1997-06-16 Free Summer Sunday Tours at Brookhaven Lab Start July 13

1997-06-16 Pianist David Korevaar to Perform at BNL, July 9

1997-06-16 DOE Press Release
DOE Seeks Comments on Plans to Select a New Contractor to Operate BNL

1997-06-11 Media Update: June 11 Update on Groundwater Contamination Near Underground Collection Tank

1997-06-10 Two Workers at Brookhaven Lab Exposed to Low-Level Radiation

1997-06-10 BNL Plans Management Improvements
As Part of DOE 30-Day Action Plan

1997-06-06 50th Anniversary Lecture at BNL July 1
Nobel Laureate to Recount His Discovery of Superfluid Helium-3

1997-06-04 Six Workers Exposed to Radiation at BNL Medical Reactor; No Release of Radioactivity to Environment

1997-06-04 BNL-Swedish Team Takes Important First Step Toward "Designer" Vegetable Oils
(Also featured in Science News)

1997-06-02 Community Open House at BNL, June 29


1997-05-28 BNL Welcomes DOE Contract Plans

1997-05-28 DOE Press Release
DOE Announces Plans to Seek a Contractor to Operate BNL

1997-05-21 50th Anniversary Lecture at BNL, June 11
"Biotechnology: Biology or Technology?"

1997-05-13 Media Advisory: High School Science Day Open House

1997-05-08 BNL to Begin Interim Tritium Remediation May 12

1997-05-01 Statement by Lyle Schwartz, BNL Interim Director, on DOE Contract Announcement

1997-05-01 DOE Press Release
Secretary Peña Terminates Brookhaven Contract
Peña Says This Step Necessary to Build Public Trust

1997-05-01 BNL-AUI Responses to Dept. of Energy Integrated Safety Management Evaluation (Click here to read the ISME Report)

1997-05-01 BNL Response to the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental, Safety and Health Decision Making at BNL
(Click here to read the report)

1997-05-01 BNL-AUI Announce Aggressive Response to DOE Review


1997-04-28 AUI Press Release
Associated Universities Board Names Interim Director of BNL

1997-04-23 Discover Magazine Honors BNL Invention

1997-04-23 BNL-DOE Press Release
U.S. Dept. of Energy Seeks Public Comment
Cleanup Alternatives Presented for Inactive Waste Areas At BNL

1997-04-21 BNL-DOE Press Release
BNL Spent Fuel Pool Considered Primary Source of Tritium Groundwater Contamination
Horizontal Well Data Now Available

1997-04-18 Maglev Contest Media Advisory

1997-04-17 BNL-DOE Press Release
Statement from Department of Energy Officials Regarding BNL

1997-04-16 BNL Physicist & Industrial Partner Receive Award

1997-04-14 Lyme Disease Secrets Revealed at BNL

1997-04-12 What Causes Brown Tide? BNL, Suffolk County Scientists Publish New Theory

1997-04-03 BNL-DOE-EPA Press Release
April 3 Update on Groundwater Contamination at BNL

1997-04-03 U.S.-Japanese Cooperation Yields New Physics Center For BNL
To be headed by Nobel Prize Winner T.D. Lee


1997-03-31 BNL Researchers Win Award from Phycological Society of America

1997-03-27 BNL-DOE Press Release
March 27 Update on Underground Collection Tank at BNL

1997-03-27 BNL-DOE-EPA Press Release
March 27 Update on Groundwater Contamination at BNL

1997-03-26 New Imaging Instrument for BNL Drug Addiction Studies

1997-03-21 BNL-DOE-EPA Press Release
March 21 Update on Groundwater Contamination at BNL

1997-03-17 Marc-Andre Hamelin to Perform at BNL April 13

1997-03-14 Environmental Survey Results from BNL

1997-03-10 Community College Students Participate In BNL's Mini-Semester Program

1997-03-10 BNL-DOE-EPA Press Release
March 10 Update on Groundwater Contamination at BNL

1997-03-07 BNL Announces Retirement of Director

1997-03-04 DOE Statement
March 4 Update on Groundwater Contamination at BNL


1997-02-28 Edward Murphy Heads BNL's Plant Engineering Division

1997-02-28 50th Anniversary Lecture at BNL, March 20
"Tracking Global Epidemics: Cholera as a Paradigm"

1997-02-25 Scholarship for Women Science Students

1997-02-24 Festetics Quartet and Fortepianist Maria Rose
to Perform at BNL Mar. 23

1997-02-20 BNL-DOE-EPA Press Release
February 20 Update on Groundwater Contamination at BNL

1997-02-18 Talk on the Birth of BNL To Be Held Mar. 19

1997-02-14 How Do Drugs Affect the Brain?
Insights Revealed Using PET Imaging at BNL

1997-02-13 BNL-DOE-EPA Press Release
February 13 Update on Contamination at Brookhaven Lab

1997-02-06 BNL-DOE-EPA Press Release
February 6 Update on Contamination at Brookhaven Lab

1997-02-06 AUI Press Release
Lyle H. Schwartz to Become President of Associated Universities Inc.

1997-02-06 BNL Remains a Major Employer on Long Island Despite Budget Cuts of 1997


1997-01-31 Update on Groundwater Contamination at BNL

1997-01-29 50th Anniversary Lecture at BNL On 'Exploring Brain Function with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance' Feb. 27

1997-01-27 Brookhaven Atom Smasher Goes for the Gold

1997-01-24 A New View of the Brain at New Brookhaven MRI

1997-01-18 BNL Notifies Staff of Groundwater Contamination on Site

1997-01-16 BNL Developing Corrosion-Resistant Coatings for Aircraft and Aluminum-Smelting Industries

1997-01-10 Weather of '96 -- The Whitest and Almost the Wettest Year on Record

1997-01-08 BNL Completes Groundwater Cleanup System

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