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Statement on 'Shirley' Memoir

Kelly McMasters has published a book about growing up in Shirley, New York, in a neighborhood about 6 miles south of Brookhaven National Laboratory. “Welcome to Shirley, a Memoir from an Atomic Town” is based on McMasters’ memories, although the author does state in her introduction that she did extensive research. Unfortunately, the sections on Brookhaven Lab contain numerous inaccuracies.

McMasters includes in her book claims about cancer clusters and a rare childhood cancer, all blamed on Brookhaven Lab. Published reports by independent county and state agencies found no link between Brookhaven Lab and cancer.

The Laboratory acknowledges that its environmental stewardship in the past was very different from what it is today. During the last decade, Brookhaven has made great strides in cleaning up the environment and keeping it clean, and we work hard to be a good neighbor.

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Last Modified: October 5, 2012