Logo Policy

The logo is the graphic identifier of Brookhaven Lab and is meant for official use only. The Lab's logo and graphic identity are important assets and strategic tools used to identify work performed here. Individual Brookhaven Lab organizations are not to create their own logos. The Graphic Design group may create a unique logo for collaborations in which Brookhaven Lab leads a special project or effort in partnership with one or more named external institutions. Examples of collaborations include the Electron-Ion Collider, Molten Salts in Extreme Environments EFRC, and the Co-design Center for Quantum Advantage.

Use of Logo for Events

Brookhaven Lab staff should adhere to the following guidelines when considering the use of the official Lab logo in an event setting.

  • If an event is hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory, the logo can be used without restriction
  • If an event is hosted by another national lab, Conference Compliance will need to verify what the sponsorship entails. If the cost is greater than $10,000 dollars, it cannot be supported. If it is under this amount, Conference Compliance will need to seek approval from the DOE-Brookhaven Site Office for logo usage.
  • For non-DOE events, DOE-Brookhaven Site Office permission is required for logo usage. However, if Brookhaven is supporting/sponsoring the event in any way, the typewritten words “Sponsored by Brookhaven National Laboratory” or “Sponsored by Brookhaven Science Associates” can be included, depending on the funding source. Please contact the graphic design team to obtain the approved version to be used.
  • The official Lab logo can be used as part of any Brookhaven Lab exhibit booth and our developed materials at an event.