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Budget Office

The mission of the Budget Office at Brookhaven is to provide the Laboratory an efficient, cost-effective, and mission focused environment in which to accept funding and control costs. We ensure the Laboratory’s financial policies, budget allocations, and distribution of costs to maximize mission performance.

Our Responsibilities

  • Recommend and implement financial policy for the laboratory.
  • Ensure the proper distribution of costs in support of the missions of the laboratory.
  • Interpret and implement Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).
  • Prepare BNL’s CAS Disclosure Statement and ensure compliance with it.
  • Develop and implement all indirect rates.
  • Review and approve all standard rates and oversee for proper distribution.
  • Receive and disburse all funds coming into the laboratory.
  • Oversee execution of the Laboratory’s budget and funds control.
  • Provide AD-Hoc, Classroom, and On-line Training.
  • Budget formulation, planning and reporting in support of management decision making.
  • Signature Authorization.
  • Budget Systems development, maintenance and support.
  • Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) and Accounts Receivable administration including User assistance.