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BWIS Executive Board Members — 2012

Meetings of the Executive Board are held the second Wednesday of every month. Exceptions will be posted on the BWIS web site. BWIS members are encouraged to attend all Board meetings.

Coordinators 2013 - 2014  Vinita Ghosh (x6226)
2014 - 2015 Christina Swinson (x4021)
Treasurer Loralie Smart (x2425)
Linda Bowerman (x4265)
Secretary Yan Li (x8169)
Scholarships Anna Goldberg (x7913)
Linda Bowerman (x4265) - Goldhaber
Loralie Smart (x2425) - Chasman 
Publicity Bernadette Uzzi (x2756)
Program/Seminar Vivian Stojanoff (x8375)
CARE Workshop Simerjeet Gill (x5633)
Triveni Rao (x5072)
Yan Li (x8169)
Kristine Horvat
Outreach - Career Day Kahille Dorsinvil (x5197)
Membership Kathy Walker (x7105)
Trustees Linda Bowerman (x4265)
Vivian Stojanoff (x8375)
Work-Life Balance Committee
Lorraine Davis (x4156)