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BWIS Executive Board Members

Meetings of the Executive Board are held the second Wednesday of every month. Exceptions will be posted on the BWIS web site. BWIS members are encouraged to attend all Board meetings.

Note: Lab extensions are prefaced by (631) 344-xxxx
BWIS BoardFY2018 OfficersEmailBNL Extension
President Wen Hu 2831
President Elect Anna Goldberg 7913
Trustees Anna Goldberg 7913
Kathy Walker 7105
Director of Communications Amber Aponte 4056
    Secretary Katherine Bachner 8271
    Publicity Officer Amber Aponte 4056
    Logistics Officer Prerana Kankiya 7304
    Webmaster Yvette Hayes 2833
Director of Membership Kathy Walker 7105
    Treasurer Shruti Sharma  
MengEn Wang  
Loralie Smart 2425
    Membership Officer Kathy Walker 7105
Juanita McKinney 3915
    Event Participation
Kelly Anne Convery 2472
Director of Programs Vivian Stojanoff 8375
    Networking Officer Guimei Wang 4890
    Speaker Series Officer Vivian Stojanoff 8375
Jyoti Joshi 8231
    Scholarship Officer Chasman Award:    
    Wai-Lin Ng 7153
    David Schlyer 4587
Goldhaber Prize:    
    Marc-Andre Pleier 4249
    Outreach Officer Aleida Perez 4788
Alexei Soares 7306
BERA Summer Camp Science Fair:    
    Firoza Zanoni 4532
    Work Life Balance Officer Lorraine Davis 4156

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BWIS Board Oct. 2017

BWIS Board - Oct. 11, 2017

In Memoriam

The Brookhaven Women in Science regretfully report the passing of Victoria McLane. As friend and cofounder, she will be sadly missed.

The Brookhaven Women in Science regretfully report the passing of E. Gail Williams and Prantika Som. As friends and valued members of the organization, they will be sadly missed.