Students, Education and Research

The Accelerator R&D Division and CASE

Current Ph.D. students at the ARDD

Lee Hammons

Erdong Wang

Elliot Johnson

Tianmu Xin

Liang Xue

Omer Rahman

Andrey Elizarov

Nathan Cook

Post Doctoral Fellows

Puneet Jain

Miguel Ruiz Oss

Jin Dai

Eric Riehn

Simon White

Ph.D. and MSI Thesis

Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Xiangyun Chang "Studies in Laser Photo-cathode RF Guns", 2005.

Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Rama Calaga "Linear Beam Dynamics and Ampere Class Superconducting RF Cavities @RHIC", 2006. Another link:

MSI Thesis of Jacob Grimes, A Prototype Diamond Amplified Photocathode, May 2007

Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Qiong Wu, Measurements and Studies of Secondary Electron Emission of Diamond Amplified Photocathode  [PDF], September 2008

Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Yue Hao, Beam Beam InteractionStudy in ERL Based eRHIC, [PDF], September 2008

Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Gang Wang, Coherent Electron Cooling and Two Stream Instabilities Due to Electron Cooling  [PDF], December 2008



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