C-AD Accelerator R&D Division

Superconducting RF Group

SRF Group Head: Sergey Belomestnykh

The Superconducting RF Group of the Accelerator R&D Division develops facilities for preparation of high-performance niobium superconducting cavities and carries out R&D projects on a variety of SRF devices; from SRF storage and accelerating cavities for RHIC to SRF guns and accelerating cavities for a high-current Energy Recovery Linac (ERL).

The Mission of the Superconducting RF Group

This group is charged with the physics, design and construction of superconducting RF cavities and accelerators for RHIC and eRHIC. This includes the design of SRF hardware as well as the construction and testing. SRF subsystems are the ERL photocathode gun, novel photocathodes, the high current superconducting cavity, SRF Energy Recovery Linac, RHIC SRF 56MHz storage cavity, SRF polarized electron guns and LHC crab cavity R&D.

In order to verify our design we are building a small Energy Recovery Linac outside the RHIC accelerator. This machine will have a maximum energy of 22 MeV and will support a beam current of 0.5 Amperes.

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Superconducting RF Facilities

The SRF Group has installed a complete set of facilities to allow for the chemical processing, assembly and testing of SRF cavities including our 1/2 cell 704 MHz and 1300 MHz photoinjectors, multi-cell 704 MHz accelerating cavities and the 56 MHz RHIC storage cavity.

Superconducting RF Projects

The SRF Group projects include 704 MHz ERL SRF gun and accelerating cavity, 56 MHz RHIC storage cavity, 112 MHz SRF gun for testing photocathodes and Coherent electron Cooling Proof-of-Principle experiment, 1300 MHz polarized electron SRF gun, 704 MHz BNL3 cavity, and LHC crab cavity.

SRF Wiki (restricted access)

The SRF Group Wiki page provides access to presentations at the SRF Meetings, SRF Seminars for Students and Postdocs, as well as internal documents for various SRF Projects.

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