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Joint CATHIE/TECHQM Workshop

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Motivation & Plans

The CATHIE and TECHQM collaborations will hold a joint workshop at Brookhaven National Laboratory on December 14-18, 2009. The workshop will include plenary and parallel sessions, as well as unscheduled discussion time. The workshop will have three areas of focus:

  1.  Assessment of the theoretical status of
    1. viscous hydrodynamics,
    2. gluon saturation and initial conditions for transport models of heavy ion collisions,
    3. long range rapidity correlations,
    4. local P and CP violation,
    5. thermal photons and dileptons, and
    6. heavy flavor hadrons as probes of the QGP;
  2. Formation of a new, broad-based Physics Working Group of experimentalists and theorists, aimed at quantitative comparison of calculations based on viscous hydrodynamics with measurements of global observables in relativistic heavy ion collisions;
  3. Detailed discussion of partonic energy loss theory and data, including analysis and write-up of the "QCD Brick Problem" and discussion of next steps to quantify the transport parameters governing energy loss.

Special Events

All registered attendees are invited to attend the optional PHENIX-STAR-CATHIE TECHQM Workshop cocktail party on Wednesday, December 16, 2009. Please note, anyone who would like to participate must pay their own way.

Organizing Committee

Kevin Dusling
Ulrich Heinz
Peter Jacobs
Dima Kharzeev
Berndt Mueller
Jamie Nagle
Peter Petreczky
Raju Venugopalan
Urs Wiedemann

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