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2012 Fall Workshop

This years Fall 2012 CES Fall Workshop will take place on November 13-14, 2012 at Argonne National Laboratory and will be organized around four areas in which we have been active:

  • New Materials
  • Fe-based superconductors
  • Cuprate superconductors
  • Vortices and critical currents

In each area, coordinators will present summaries of the status and outlook for Center work, and present separately rich and exciting research directions that could anchor a renewal proposal. The renewal anchor talks should open significant new research horizons, not present linear extrapolations of existing directions. These anchor renewal directions should be exciting to reviewers and program managers.

The summaries of status and outlook and the renewal anchors correspond roughly to the “Progress in the last grant period” and “Proposed research” of a hypothetical renewal proposal.

The Fall Workshop gives Center members the opportunity to visualize how these two sections of the renewal proposal might look.

The renewal anchor talks and discussion will occupy the last day (Wed) of the Workshop, in preparation for selecting and implementing a renewal strategy.

The coordinators for the four areas are (principal coordinator in bold)

  • New Materials: Jim Eckstein / Mercouri Kanatzidis
    (Ivan Bozovic, Cedomir Petrovic, Genda Gu, Laura Greene, Wai Kwok, Peter Abbamonte,...)
  • Fe-based superconductors: Laura Greene / Philip Phillips / Seamus Davis
    (Cedomir Petrovic, Genda Gu, John Tranquada, George Crabtree, Wai Kwok, Ulrich Welp, Mercouri Kanatzidis, Mike Norman, Alex Koshelev, JC Campuzano, Philip Phillips,...)
  • Cuprate superconductors: John Tranquada / Mike Norman / Peter Johnson
    (Alexei Tsvelik, Seamus Davis, JC Campuzano, Mercouri Kanatzidis, George Crabtree, Wai Kwok, Ulrich Welp, Alex Koshelev, Peter Abbamonte, Laura Greene, Philip Phillips, Tony Leggett, Dale Van Harlingen, Jim Eckstein,...)
  • Vortices and critical currents: Wai Kwok / Ulrich Welp
    (Qiang Li, Andreas Glatz, Alex Koshelev, George Crabtree, Raffi Budakian, Dale Van Harlingen, Mike Norman, Cedomir Petrovic,...)

These coordinators are responsible for presenting the status and outlook and the potential renewal anchors in each area, spanning Center activities and vision. To assist them, we ask each Center member or team of Center members to report activities and vision using the following template (.doc). Coordinators will integrate this information into either a single talk or ask members to present a coordinated set of talks.

Please email your completed template to your Coordinator and copy Marlene Metz by Friday, October 12.

We are intending to invite three external speakers to present talks during the Junior Workshop, and three to present during the full CES Workshop. The Junior Workshop external speakers will be invited to participate on the first day (Tue) of the full CES Workshop as well as speak at the Junior Workshop.

No external speakers will be invited to last day (Wed) of the Workshop; this day is reserved for presentation and internal discussion among Center members on the renewal directions.


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