Workshop 2

Unique Tools for Energy Research: Chemical Analysis of Nanostructures using Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS)

EELS and EDS are powerful and somewhat complementary techniques for the investigation of chemical composition and electronic properties of a wide class of materials and interfaces. In this workshop, which is divided in talks and hands-on (lab) sessions, experts in EELS and EDS will present important results obtained with these techniques in the study of energy-related materials, such as solar cells and batteries. Also, technical talks will be focused on the effective use of EDS in the analysis of nanostructures. Finally, a very important part of the workshop will consist of hands-on sessions in five state-of-the-art TEMs and SEMs. In these lab sessions, both beginners and experienced participants will have the opportunity to learn and share practical aspects of these valuable techniques.