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Services & Capabilities

The Fabrication Services Division's capabilities range from an Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) capability, to a state of the art cleaning facility, to a large fabricating facility which includes CNC Machining, Automatic Tube Welding, CNC Punch Press capability, and 3-D printing.

  • CNC Auto Feed Saw

  • High Bay Area

  • 3-D Printer

  • Main Shop, Building 479

  • Maintenance Sheet Metal Area

  • Water Jet Machine

  • X-ray Generating Tube

  • CR X-ray Processor with High Resolution Monitor

  • Low Bay Area in Machine Shop

  • Wire EDM Machine

  • Wire EDM Machine

  • Oil Recycling Facility, Building 495

  • UHV Cleaning Facility, Building 498

  • Material Storage and Stock

Fabrication Services is proud of it's highly proficient technical staff all of which are available, at no cost to the customer, for pre-fabrication design review's and pre-fabrication cost analysis.

The fabrication section is responsible for all estimating and purchasing functions for purposes of fabrication and repairs of the majority of scientific type mechanism's utilized by the various Scientific Departments at the Laboratory.