The BNL Chemistry Division: the first twenty years:

Brookhaven, like its sister Laboratories was funded primarily by the Atomic Energy Commission, so that virtually all the research performed here was related to the AEC missions concerning atomic energy. However, the breadth of research themes that fall within this definition was very wide, indeed. Chemistry Division research in its first decades can be categorized into several broad-brush fields, all related to atomic energy. The links immediately below will help define what constitutes these fields. To learn about the work in the Chemistry Division related to these fields, scroll to the links at the bottom of this page.

The April, 1951 organization chart for the Laboratory lumps the latter  four categories in the Chemistry Division into "General Chemistry". Click on the above links to see what comprises these fields and how they were related to the missions of the Atomic Energy Commission.

Primary records about research programs in the Chemistry Division prior to the 1977 are few. However, there are sufficient summary reports of research from which it is possible to derive snapshots of what the Department, its research and its staff were like. There is a long list of scientific peer reviews and reports to the AEC concerning the BNL Chemistry Division all the way back to its origin. In 1967, Richard W. Dodson, the chairman of the Chemistry Division for its first twenty-one years, compiled a synopsis of research performed during the first twenty years, and it forms a valuable window into that period. Scientific notations may have changed since 1967. Notation is presented as it was written, and tense pertains to the perspective of 1967. Follow the links below for excerpts from that document.

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