Index to DOE-Supported Programs, 1977-2004.

Indexed below are research programs funded by the Department of Energy from 1977 to 2004. Colors indicate the organization within the DOE that supported each program. The names of the funding organizations are as they were in the cited years, and may have changed since that time. In addition, the naming of the precise funding entities is not consistent. This is due to several causes. First, Each program office within the DOE is organized appropriately for its research base: the actual funding entity in some program offices is as many as two levels below the program office, while in other program offices, the program office itself is the funding entity. Also, federal budget categories ("budget and reporting numbers", "B&R numbers") sometimes do not correspond neatly to funding organizations. It sometimes takes a decade(!) for B&R categories to catch up with organizational changes. In a few cases, the actual funding entity is not clear, and detailed information is difficult to obtain. In any case, we gratefully acknowledge support from the DOE and other agencies.

The primary funding not explicitly shown is a long series of National Institutes of Health grants to the PET group. We are gathering these data, and they will appear later. Also, we acknowledge two decades of support for the Protein Data Bank from the National Science Foundation during the time that the PDB existed in the Chemistry Division.

Names are shown in the order indicated in the individual funding documents.

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1978 1985 1992 1999
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1980 1987 1994 2001
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