A. Harris, Chair (631) 344-4301
G. Hall, Deputy Chair (631) 344-4376
S. McAlary, Deputy BES Manager (631) 344-4305
L. Sallustio, Senior Administrative Assistant (631) 344-4302, 4403

Administrative Support

Includes budgeting, procurement activities, foreign/domestic travel, seminars and general administrative concerns. Guest Appointments and Personnel matters should be referred to the Department's Senior Administrative Assistant.

S. Peters (631) 344-4303

Building and Stockroom

Maintain the Chemistry Division stockroom and provide technical and building support to the staff. Information on the BNL Chemical Management Inventory system is available through the stockroom. Requests for items to be stocked are welcome and will be assessed based on the frequency and generality of use, along with budgetary constraints. Please email requests with recommended supplier, pricing, and anticipated usage to stockroom committee.

J. Anselmini, Point of Contact - Building 555 (631) 344-4399
L. Walcott, Stockroom (631) 344-4313,
Cell (631) 457-3473
M. Davis, FCM -Central Complex including Building 555 (631) 344-2165
Cell (631) 831-5498
S. Howell, FPM - Central Complex including Building 555 (631) 344-4310
Cell (631) 987-3564

Departmental Shops

Design and construction of specialized equipment and non-wood machining.

J. Anselmini (631) 344-4399
Machine Shop    
  (631) 344-4312  

Departmental Services

Our computer service personnel support computing environments ranging from Departmental Linux/Unix based workstations to personal computers (both PC and Macintosh).

M. Kahanda (631) 344-2973


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Last Modified: February 9, 2016