Laboratory-Directed Research and Development Programs

Condition: Green Chemistry. Radiolytic Studies of Ionic Liquids in Service of Security and the Environment
J. Wishart

Femtosecond Photoinitiated Nanoparticle Surface Chemistry
N. Camillone III

Hydrogen Atom Transfer from Carbon to Metal― Relevance of a Novel Reaction to Catalyzed Hydrocarbon Conversions
R. M. Bullock

Exploring Root Physiology in Relation to Uptake of Groundwater Pollutants
R. Ferrieri

New Development of Norepinephrine Transporter Radioligands for Pet Studies of Substance Abuse, Depression, and ADHD
Y.-S. Ding

Radioprotection in D. Radiodurans, a radioresistant bacterium
D. Cabelli

Behavior of Water on Chemically Modified Semiconductor Surfaces: Toward Photochemical Hydrogen Production
E. Fujita

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