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Creating a web-based historical prospective to document BNLís environmental cleanup was first discussed in August 2008 and developed over the following 2-year period. The Environmental Timeline provides an online location for easy access to historical information on the environment at Brookhaven National Laboratory. It is not meant to provide detailed information for each entry, but rather to provide introductory information on the topics covered and searchable resources if additional data is needed.

BNLís Environmental Timeline was designed by the Web Services Group in April 2010. The Community Relations Office completed the initial entries in February 2011 after researching hundreds of print and online documents and compiling the information contained within them.  The Timeline provides a brief insight into the broad scope of work that has gone into the CERCLA  cleanup activities and on BNLís achievements in environmental stewardship. 

If you have questions about the Timeline, or any information it contains, or corrections to any of the entries, please contact Sherry Johnson, Community Relations Office by email at sjohnson@bnl.gov or call 631-344-5658.

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