BGRR Pile Fan Sump Removed

March 2000

BGRR Pile Fan Sump Removed

BGRR Pile Fan Sump Removal


When sampling done early in the decommissioning project showed that water from the Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor's (BGRR) pile fan sump outside of Building 801 had leaked into the surrounding soil, the sump was scheduled for removal.

The pile fan sump had been buried during construction of the BGRR in 1950. While in service, the 5-foot wide, 7-foot long, and 10-foot deep concrete box was used to collect rainwater and condensation. This water drained from five large fan rooms in the fan house on the hill above the sump and from the reactors exhaust stack.

Description of Removal Action

The pile fan sump was removed on March 1, 2000. The 27,000-pound concrete box was placed in a shipping container and sent to a disposal site in Utah. Additionally, 250 feet of pipe between the Fan House and sump and 300 cubic yards of contaminated soil were excavated, packaged, and shipped offsite.

Removal of the sump was performed as a time-critical action with the approval of and oversight by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. Completion of this activity was documented through submittal of Pile Fan Sump, Piping, and Soils Removal Completion Report, January 24, 2001.

Community Outreach

A Removal Action Memorandum for the pile fan sump was issued in September 1999. Removal actions are "fast track" cleanups where contamination is dealt with as quickly as possible to remove the potential for contamination to affect human health or the environment. While there was no specific formal comment period required, community values and concerns were obtained in roundtable meetings held in 1999 and regular updates were provided at the monthly meetings of BNL's Community Advisory Council, which had been formed in 1998, and to DOE's Brookhaven Executive Roundtable.

Additional outreach meetings were held in February 2000 on the draft Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor Decommissioning Project Removal Action Alternatives Study, which addressed all the proposed Removal Actions associated with the BGRR.