Low-Mass Criticality Facility Decommissioned



The Low-Mass Criticality Facility, Building 526, and the aluminum testing silo where chain reactions of various materials used in graphite reactors were studied, operated from 1955 to 1967 when they were decontaminated and decommissioned. The silo remained empty until June 1983 when it was utilized by the Department of Applied Sciences to store 20 drums of ethylene dibromide, equipment, and tools until March 1984.

Although a 1983 aerial radiological survey detected contamination in the area, a remedial investigation conducted in the 1990s indicated there was no radiological contamination above background detection levels.

No chemical or radiological contamination was found at the Low-Mass Criticality Facility site that presented a human health concern, therefore, no cleanup was required. However, the silo was disassembled in 1994.

Today, Building 526 is used by the Energy Resources Division.