Aerial Radioactive Surveys Performed


Following a Department of Energy (DOE) request, an Aerial Radioactive Survey was performed over an 8-square mile area surrounding BNL in 1980 and over a 25-square mile area in 1983. The surveys were conducted by the Aerial Measuring System of the DOE-Remote Sensing Laboratory. The surveys identified external radioactive locations that exceeded background levels. A total of 23 areas were detected in 1983, including contamination on the surface of the Former Landfill (Area of Concern 2). The areas were investigated and the dominant isotopes found were cesium-137, sodium-22, manganese-54, and cobalt-60. No health hazard was identified at the time, therefore, no remedial action was planned. The areas were reinvestigated in 1992 and several of them, such as the "landscape soils," were scheduled for cleanup under Operable Unit 1.