Environmental Survey Conducted

April 1987

An environmental survey, as one phase of a DOE-wide environmental, safety, and health initiative announced by then-Department of Energy Secretary John Herringhton in 1985, was conducted at BNL from April 6 - 17, 1987.

The goal of the two-week baseline survey was to identify any sources of pullution. The DOE survey team included members from the NUS Corporation. The team observed workers and conducted sampling. The information gathered was to be used to determine whether additional potential environmental concerns existed. The subsequent report was to allow DOE to prioritize the environmental concerns at its facilities. A comprehensive, long-range action plan was to be developed to correct and reduce any identified problems or environmental risks.

BNL acted on the findings of the Survey during calendar year 1988. Those findings requiring simple solutions were completed and closed out. Programs were developed to address findings that required long-term solutions.