Potential Dump Site Inventory

June 1986

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services, in conjunction with Cornell University, established an inventory of potential dump sites located in Suffolk County. Of the 656 sites identified, 29 were on BNL property.

Only one of the 29 sites was unknown to the Laboratory. A preliminary inspection has shown that this site predates the Lab's occupancy of the property and was most likely a landfill for the Army's Camp Upton during World War II.

At the time, it had been determined that 15 sites that included warehouses, recharge basins, firebreaks, and the Biology fields, posed no hazard to the environment. The remaining 13 sites, which were already being monitored, included the Lab's old landfill, the current landfill which was scheduled to close in 1990, fuel tanks at the steam plant, and the Hazardous Waste Management area.