Former Leaching Pit Cleanup

November 1989


On November 6, 1989, an eight-inch vitreous tile pipe was discovered underground south of Building 610, the Central Steam Facility. The pipe had been connected to a leaching pit 100 feet south of the building and a sand trap. The former leaching pit was 9 feet in diameter and 11 feet deep. It was constructed of concrete cinder blocks. The 12-inch thick cover was located 1 foot below grade. The pit contained 53 inches of a thick, black, tar material similar in appearance to No. 6 fuel oil.

Remedial Action

The oil-stained concrete blocks and surrounding soil, and the sand filter and piping were removed. The area excavated was approximately 20 feet in diameter by 20 feet deep. Clean sand and soil were placed in the hole. The residue was determined to be non-hazardous. The excavation and cleanup, Area of Concern 5, Operable Unit IV, was coordinated with the Interagency Agreement agencies with oversight by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Region I Oil Spill Division.