Environmental Restoration Group Created


Brookhaven National Laboratory established the Environmental Restoration Group to oversee the Laboratory's cleanup activities. Initial plans called for one part-time and three full-time employees.

In April 1991, this group became the Office of Environmental Restoration, and was again renamed the Environmental Restoration Division (ERD) in 1998. Over 30 people worked in the division and they received support from other Laboratory groups such as the Environmental Services Division and the Radiological Controls Division.

Early ERD activities included a Historical Site Review, the preparation of an Area of Concern List, a Schedules Document, the Community Relations Plan, a Site Baseline Report, and the Response Strategy Document. The first formal public meeting for the Laboratory's environmental restoration program was held at the Laboratory in September 1991. The meeting provided the public with the opportunity to comment on the BNL Site Specific Plan, the Community Relations Plan, and the Operable Unit IV Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Work Plan. In April 1993, the first formal public meeting was held off site at the Longwood Junior High School. The meeting was on the BNL Site Specific Plan. Information on environmental restoration activities was also provided. In the following, years dozens of additional meetings were held on- and off-site to give the community the opportunity to provide input on the Laboratory's cleanup projects.

In 2004, the Environmental Restoration Division was replaced by the Groundwater Protection Group, who is now responsible for the long-term surveillance, monitoring, maintenance, operation, reporting, and community involvement activities that are required to complete the environmental cleanup at Brookhaven National Laboratory.