Tiger Team Assessment

March 1990

The Department of Energy (DOE) conducted a comprehensive Environment, Safety, & Health (ES&H) and waste operations assessment of BNL. This effort, known as the Tiger Team Assessment was conducted in response to Secretary of Energy Admiral James D. Watkins', Ret., 10-point initiative to strengthen ES&H programs and waste management operations in the DOE Community.

The scope of the assessment included a review of management systems and operating procedures and records; observations of facility operations; and interviews at DOE Headquarters, the Chicago Operations Office, and at BNL. Four subteams performed the review.

The Tiger Team Assessment report was published in June. The Environmental Subteam identified 37 findings dealing with lack of conformance to federal and state laws and regulations, county codes, DOE Orders, and 27 findings in which best management practices were not attained. Two noteworthy practices identified were the exceptional procedures used for the dispostion of chemicals and a Legionella bacteria prevention program for cooling towers. BNL developed an action plan to address the problems identified in the report.