Reclamation Facility Underground Storage Tanks Removed



For the history of the Reclamation Facility, Building 650, also known as the Hot Laundry, see the 1969 entry "Use of Reclamation Facility Concrete Decontamination Pad Halted."


Wastewater from decontamination activities at the Reclamation Facility, Building 650, drained into four underground storage tanks (USTs). The contents were directed to the BNL Sewage Treatment Plant or, depending on the level of radioactivity, transferred by truck to the Waste Concentration Facility. The four USTs were included under Area of Concern (AOC) 12 and removed under Removal Action II, the UST Removal Action, during the summer of 1994. The removal was also part of the Labs program to comply with Suffolk County Sanitary Code - Article 12.

In 1995, as part of the OU IV Interim Remedy Plan, the outfall was fenced to exclude pedestrian traffic, and a network of 21thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs) were installed to monitor gamma radiation exposure levels in the area.

The Building 650 sump and outfall were addressed under Operable Unit I. They were excavated between March and June 2002. Although some VOCs were found in samples taken from the sump area, the primary concern was radionuclides Cesium 137 and Strontium-90. A groundwater treatment system was constructed for this Operable Unit (the AS/ASVE system) that began operation in 1997.

Description of Removal Action

The four underground storage tanks (#650-1, -2, -3, and -4) and associated piping were removed during the summer of 1994 as part of the UST Removal Action. Upon determining that the tanks had not leaked, the holes were filled with clean sand. The tanks were cut up, packaged in approved containers, and disposed of at the Hanford, WA facility.

Community Outreach

More than 140 attendees participated in the public meeting on the OU IV Proposed Remedial Action Plan held in December 1995. The public comment period for the review of the Proposed Plan and the Feasibility Study Report ran from November 22, 1995 through January 10, 1996. Copies of the proposed plan and other information were distributed at the meeting and copies of the plan were provided at the EPA Records Room and 3 local libraries.

Prior to the 1995 meeting community participation activities for OU IV included a public comment period held on the OU IV Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study Work Plan in 1992, a pubic notice was published and a mailing to stakeholders was sent out on the completed Engineering Evaluation Report and Action Memorandum for the soil Interim Removal Action in 1994, and a public notice was published and comment period held on the Remedial Investigation / Risk Assessment Report in January 1995. In January 1996, a Community Forum (link to January 1996 entry) was established to provide a mechanism for community residents to express their views and concerns to BNL staff.

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