Cesspool Closure Program Begins

July 1995


BNL investigated and cleaned up contamination from past wastewater discharges to cesspools and septic tanks, Area of Concern (AOC) 13, under Removal Action III: Cesspool/Septic Tanks to eliminate potential contamination threats to groundwater.

Cesspools and septic tanks were located adjacent to 24 buildings and trailers at various locations on the BNL site; sampling was conducted in January and February 1993. Of the cesspools and septic tanks sampled, 23 required cleanup. The contamination found included low levels of Tritium and Cesium-137 and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The remediation was completed in two phases. In the first phase material was removed from 21 cesspools. Some was of the waste was shipped to Chemical Waste Management, Inc., NY for disposal and some was disposed of as radioactive waste at Envirocare of Utah. In the second phase, 5 cesspools and drywells contaminated with VOCs were pressure cleaned and the waste material was removed in two-foot sections. The waste was shipped to the New York facility for disposal. The work began in July 1995 and was completed with a Closeout Report in September 1999. The remedy was documented in the Operable Unit III Record of Decision.

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OU III Record of Decision