Site-wide Facilities Review Begins

April 1997

A site-wide, top-to-bottom Facilities Review of all buildings and grounds began on April 9, 1997. The comprehensive review, with technical assistance from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, identified past or current activities having the potential to degrade groundwater. All site facilities, both existing and demolished, were examined and over 1,628 issues that had the potential to impact the environment were identified. Facilities were designated either priority one or priority two. Priority one facilities used or generated significant quantities of radioactive materials during the 1950s and 1960s. The balance of the activities onsite were considered priority two.

An interim report on the first phase of the review that encompassed those buildings thought to have the greatest potential to impact the environment was issued in September 1997. All other current and former buildings were included in the second phase of the Review. BNL took immediate corrective action for 14 of the 21 findings identified in the first phase and addressed the remaining 7 during the following year.

The report on the second phase of the review was released in December 1997. The report indicated that further groundwater monitoring and possible remedial action might be needed at 14 of the 560 priority two facilities surveyed. Corrective actions were immediately taken for 9 of the findings, the remaining items were addressed by the end of the calendar year.