Ad Hoc Committee Report Released

April 1997

An ad hoc committee was formed on March 3, 1997 to review the decision-making process for Environmental, Safety, & Health (ES&H) activities at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Committee members included Robert Bari, David Gordon, and Nora Volkow, from BNL, and Dennis Moran from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services. Charles Meinhold served as the advisor to the committee. While not charged with investigating the tritium plume situation per se, they used the events and decisions related to it as the mode of inquiry to evaluate the decision-making processes. The committee released its report on April 29, 1997.

The "Bari Report" came to conclusions similar to DOE's Integrated Safety Management Evaluation (ISME) Report. It recommended that Lab management continue to communicate with the DOE program offices on the need to increase the budget for ES&H projects so that the conflict between ES&H and programmatic needs is minimized.

The Bari Report noted, "Communication needs to be improved with regard to ES&H matters. Improvement in organizational linkages would be beneficial to this end. Fragmentation of responsibility is evident,and, thus, roles and responsibilities need to be more clearly defined and communicated."

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