Interim Report for Facilities Review Findings Released

September 1997

BNL issued an interim report on the site-wide, top-to-bottom facilities review which had begun in April 1997. The first phase of the comprehensive review encompassed those buildings thought to have the greatest potential to impact the environment. During the course of the review, BNL immediately corrected a number of deficiencies. Many of the findings had already been reported in prior documents and a number of the environmental vulnerabilities identified by the review were already being remediated through the federal Superfund cleanup program. The concerns in the September 10, 1997 report were subdivided into two broad categories: "Underground Sumps, Tanks, Lines and Ducts" and "Historic Discharges of Solvents, Oil, and Mercury."

The issues identified under the "Underground Sumps, Tanks, Lines, and Ducts" that were addressed under BNL's Superfund cleanup included:

  • The underground sumps, tanks, air ducts, and transfer lines for the BGRR complex
  • Vulnerabilities with the Building 801 and 811 underground tanks, lines, and ducts not meeting current standards
  • Transfer lines, storage pools, and underground tanks at Building 830.

Two inactive underground tanks associated with Buildings 525, 526, and 527 were not covered under the Superfund cleanup. The tanks contained radioactive liquid and sludge. Approximately 600 gallons of radionuclide-contaminated liquid and sludge were pumped out of one tank, processed and sent off-site for disposal. The second tank was also to be pumped out.

Issues identified under "Historic Discharges of Solvents, Oil, and Mercury" included organic chemical contamination due to cleaning agents being discharged to sinks and drains that is being remediated with groundwater treatment systems under the Superfund cleanup. Mercury contaminated soil was identified beneath Building 197. Mercury spills that occurred during the 1960s had been remediated in the 70s; however, mercury was still present in the soil in low concentrations. Additional soils were removed in September and October of 1997. It was determined that further soil removal would impact the building's foundation. The remaining soils are to be remediated when D&D of the Camp Upton-era building takes place. The one new finding was of a 100-gallon oil spill in Building 928. It is believed the spill was cleaned up with about 90 gallons of solvent and both materials were released to a floor drain. Monitoring wells were installed to evaluate the impact.