Nuclear Waste Management Facility Canal Drained

October 1997

As part of the ongoing remediation at Bldg. 830, the canal used to transfer sealed radioactive sources between rooms at the High Intensity Radiation Laboratory was drained in October 1997. (See 1986 and 1995 entries.) In March 2000, the Cobalt-60 source was removed from the building and shipped offsite for disposal. The Gamma Irradiation Facility was decommissioned. No known sources of radioactively from the building were found to contaminate the groundwater.

Today, the Environmental and Waste Technology Center is an active research facility operated by the Environmental Sciences Department. Current conditions meet worker exposure guidelines for radioactivity. Residual chemical contaminants meet federal and state guidelines for public exposure. Groundwater is currently being monitored down gradient from the facility. Based on the residual contamination levels, the site will be suitable for residential purposes with 50 years (in 2055) of in situ radioactive decay. Use of the site for residential purposes prior to 2055 would require an additional evaluation/risk assessment and DOE and regulatory agency approval.