BNL Considers Forming Site-Specific Advisory Board

November 1997

BNL Considers Forming Site-Specific Advisory Board

Reed Hodgin, facilitator for the Rocky Flats SSAB addresses a question from the audience

The Department of Energy explores forming a Site-Specific Advisory Board (SSAB) at BNL. An interactive workshop was held on November 20, 1997 to discuss the potential formation and operation of a community advisory council to advise DOE and BNL on selected issues.

The workshop began with a general information session on the successes and problems of SSABs and community advisory councils at other DOE facilities. An evening panel discussion followed.

More than 2,000 community members and the media were invited to the workshop and facilities tour to learn more. Workshop participants included advisory board members from the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site in Colorado, the Nevada Test Site, the Savannah River Site in South Carolina, the Oak Ridge Reservation in Tennessee, the Fernald Site in Ohio, and the Hanford Site in the state of Washington.