First Off-site Groundwater Cleanup System Announced

March 1998

On March 26, 1998, BNL announced that construction for the first off-site cleanup system was set to begin. The treatment system was to be located on vacant land in an industrial park just south of the Long Island Expressway.

Carbon tetrachloride and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) detected in groundwater monitoring wells at depths of between 180-300 feet below the land surface will be treated by the system. An innovative technology known as in-well air stripping, which is a closed-loop system that prevents air emissions and treats the contaminated water within the well, was used. Construction of the $3 million project, funded partially through a $1.5 million Department of Energy Technology Deployment Initiative Grant, began on November 3, 1998. The system is scheduled for shutdown in 2012.

Community Outreach

Two information sessions on the off-site treatment system were held on April 4 and 6, 1998 at the Longwood Middle School so that community members could ask questions and meet the project team.


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