Soil Contamination Found At Paint Shop

September 1998

Several areas of soil contamination were identified in the vicinity of the Paint Shop, Buildings 244 and 422, over a 20-year period. The most significant area of contamination was the septic tank serving the Paint Shop. The contamination resulted from degreasing agents and paint solvents.

The septic tank and cesspools were reported as remediated in 1988, however, it was discovered in 1998 that while the cesspools were disconnected and remediated, the septic tank had simply been connected to BNL's sanitary sewer. The septic tank and its contents were removed in September 1998 and end-point samples showed no residual contamination.

A second septic tank located at Bldg. 244 had been found to contain high levels of solvents in 1983. It was removed in 1987. Geoprobe sampling conducted in 1993 showed no residual contamination.

Another area of concern was a small drywell located on the west side of Bldg. 422 that was connected to a trough drain from the paint spray room. The drywell and a former brush-cleaning area were excavated. All areas have been remediated to the satisfaction of the regulatory agencies.