BNL Adopts New Environmental Management System

December 1998

BNL Adopts New Environmental Management System


On December 17, 1998, BNL implemented a new Environmental Management System that adopted the International Standards Organizations (ISO) 14001 standard for environmental management. ISO 14001 provided a framework for the Lab to plan, monitor, and improve environmental performance. The new system also increased emphasis on regulatory compliance, pollution prevention, and community outreach. Companies that adopt the standard must identify all of their activities that can significantly impact the environment and then develop a systematic approach for eliminating, minimizing, or managing the impacts.

Initially, ISO 14001 was piloted in three high-priority programs - Reactor Operations, Waste Management, and the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). In 1999, RHIC became the first Department of Energy national laboratory facility, and the first facility on Long Island, to achieve third-party registration to the ISO Standard. In 2000, eight additional BNL facilities were registered. To achieve registration, BNL underwent an independent audit of its Environmental Management System to verify that it conformed to all ISO requirements and that it was effectively implemented. The certification also requires an annual audit by an accredited auditing firm to assure that the system is maintained.

On October 3, 2001, BNL announced that the entire Laboratory had been registered to ISO 14001.

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