Capping of Interim Landfill Completed

October 1997

The interim landfill (Area of Concern 2D) was operated by BNL from 1966 to 1967 until the current landfill was built. Prior to the construction of the current landfill, BNL used the interim landfill for the disposal of general office, municipal-type sanitary, laboratory, and construction wastes. Limited amounts of low-level radioactive waste and some laboratory chemical wastes were also landfilled.

The interim landfill was capped with an impermeable geomembrane fabric, and then covered with clean soil and seeded. Gas venting pipes were installed to prevent the potential buildup of methane gas. To ensure that the cap remains effective, long-term inspections, groundwater and methane gas monitoring and cap maintenance programs have been established. The design and construction of the cap was completed in October 1997.