Middle Road Pump-and-Treat System Begins Operation

October 2001

The Middle Road groundwater pump-and-treat system is located approximately 2,000 feet north of BNL's southern boundary. The system was built to address groundwater contamination in the same OU III plume as the South Boundary remediation system, only further upstream within the plume. Operation of the Middle Road system removed the need for contaminants located on the BNL site north of Middle Road to travel all the way to the South Boundary. This reduced the time required to achieve groundwater cleanup goals.

The Middle Road system began operating in October 2001. It utilized air stripping technology to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the groundwater. The design included 6 extraction wells and 23 monitoring wells located between the Princeton Avenue firebreak and the South Boundary system.

In 2003, 2 of the extraction wells were placed in stand-by mode, and in 2006, a third well was placed in stand-by mode due to low concentrations of VOCs. Four new monitoring wells have been added to track the western extent of the VOC plume.

The system is expected to operate until 2025 after which "monitored natural attenuation" will be used until 2030 when drinking water standards will be achieved.

To learn more see the latest copy of BNL's Annual Groundwater Status Report