OU III South Boundary GW Treatment System Begins Operating

June 1997

The Operable Unit III South Boundary Groundwater Treatment System began operating in June 1997 to address the on-site portion of a volatile organic compound (VOC) plume originating from the developed, central portion of the BNL site.

The pump-and-treat system consisted of seven extraction wells located at the BNL southern boundary. While one extraction well was placed off-line during 2003; it is expected that the rest of the system will need to operate until 2011.

Following active treatment, drinking water standards will be met for the Upper Glacial aquifer, with monitored natural attenuation, by 2021 and in 2065, for the deeper contamination found in the Magothy aquifer. Off-site portions of this plume are being remediated by additional groundwater treatment systems located south of the LIE.

To learn more, see the latest copy of BNL's Annual Groundwater Status Report