Carbon Tet GW Treatment System Begins Operating

October 1999

The Carbon Tetrachloride Pump-and-Treat groundwater treatment system plume originated from a 1,000 gallon underground storage tank (UST) located in the southeast-central portion of the BNL site. The UST had been used to store carbon tetrachloride. The tank was removed in 1998 and several gallons of the solvent were released to groundwater.

Prior to the construction of the treatment system, over 80,000 gallons of groundwater was treated during a Removal Action to prevent the further migration of contaminated groundwater. The water was pumped from a monitoring well over the course of two weeks and filtered, removing 61 pounds of carbon tetrachloride.

The pump-and-treat system, which provided additional treatment, began operating October 6, 1999. It consisted of three extraction wells and pumped the groundwater through a carbon filtration system. The system was formally put on standby in August 2004 after receiving regulatory approval of the petition for shutdown. Final approval for decommissioning the system was received in October 2009. Monitoring the plume is expected to continue until 2030.

To learn more see the latest copy of BNL's Annual Groundwater Status Report