Tritium Discovered in GW Downgradient of g-2 Experiment

November 1999

Tritium was discovered in the groundwater downgradient of the g-2 experimental beam line at concentrations exceeding drinking water standards.

The g-2 experiment operated from 1997 to 2001. Following the discovery of the tritium, investigations into the source determined that soil shielding surrounding a magnet, that was not protected by the beam stop concrete cap or the target building, became activated and the contaminants were carried into the groundwater. A new cap was installed in December 1999.

The selected cleanup remedy, which is documented in a Record of Decision dated April 6, 2007, requires continued routine inspection and maintenance of the concrete cap and other storm water controls. The source area will be monitored for as long as the activated soils remain a threat to groundwater quality and the plume will be monitored until it attenuates to less than 20,000 pico curies per liter, or until it reaches levels below drinking water standards.

g-2 Record of Decision