BGRR/WCF GW Treatment System Begins Operating

January 2005

The Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor / Waste Concentration Facility groundwater treatment system began operating in January 2005. This system addresses contamination from the BGRR below ground ducts, the former Canal House, and the pile fan sum area as well as from Waste Concentration Facility operations.

The system consists of five extraction wells, three are located south of the BGRR and two are located south of the WCF. The extracted water is piped to the treatment system located inside Building 855 where it is treated with Clinoptolite resin (ion exchange) to remove the radioactive isotope strontium-90. The groundwater is also treated for low-level concentrations of VOCs using liquid-phase activated carbon. The water is recharged via three drywells located 850 feet west of Building 855. A SPDES equivalency permit regulates this discharge.

The system is expected to operate until 2015 and will be monitored until drinking water standards are met by 2070.

To learn more see the latest copy of BNL's Annual Groundwater Status Report