Contaminated Landscaping Soils Addressed

May 2000

Contaminated Landscaping Soils Addressed

Remediation of soils near the Brookhaven Center, Bldg. 30.


Aerial radiological surveys conducted in the 1980s had identified areas that contained contaminated soils. It was determined that soil had been scraped from the former Hazardous Waste Management Facility (FHWMF) and stockpiled at the Former Landfill. The contaminated soil was later used as fill and landscaping soil at several locations throughout the BNL site. The dominant radionuclide in the soils was cesium-137, with lower levels of sodium-22, manganese-54, and cobalt-60. Detailed sampling in 1996 revealed that only cesium-137 was of concern.

Remedial Action

Excavation of the landscape soils began on May 15, 2000 and was completed on November 2, 2000. Nearly 1,400 cubic yards of soil was excavated from 11 separate areas totaling less than an acre. The soil was packaged and shipped off-site. The cleanup was completed under Operable Unit 1, Area of Concern (AOC) 16.

Soils were excavated from areas on the BNL site including:

  • Field south of Bldg. 490
  • Field near Bldg. 494
  • Field south of Pavilion 4, Bldg. 490
  • Soils near the Medical Research Reactor
  • Field northwest of Bldg. 555
  • Soils near Bldg. 510
  • Field east of Bldg. 30
  • Soils south and southwest of Bldg. 515
  • Soils west of Bldg. 515
  • Soils east of Bldg. 355
  • Soils adjacent to Bldg. 930

Following excavation, the remediated areas were covered with a minimum of six inches of clean fill and grass cover.