Peconic River Cleanup Alternatives Workshop Held

December 2000

Peconic River Cleanup Alternatives Workshop Held

Following the Workshop, the alternatives selected, such as vacuum dredging seen above, were tested for their effectiveness.

Following the decision to defer cleanup of the Peconic River in June 2000, BNL hosted a public workshop on alternative technologies to address the contaminated river sediment. The two-day workshop was held at BNL on December 12 and 13, 2000. More than 100 community members, regulators, industry representatives, and others attended the highly publicized workshop.

A nation-wide search was conducted for companies offering innovative sediment cleanup technologies. More than 40 submissions were received. Following review, 16 companies were contacted to attend the workshop and present detailed information about their technologies.

Four technologies other than excavation were identified as having potential. They were native species phytoremediation, electrochemical remediation, constructed wetlands, and vacuum dredging. The alternatives were screened to determine their effectiveness. Following the screening process, pilot studies were set up. Technologies that were successful were to be incorporated into the cleanup plan.